How To Attract A Man Using The Law Of Attraction
How To Attract A Man Using The Law Of Attraction
January 18, 2018

Struggle & Sacrifice Vs. The Law Of Attraction

Struggle Vs Ease

Just about all of us have this belief that we need to make large sacrifices in our life, and experience significant struggle in order to get what we want in life.

Why would we think any different? That has been our experience of life, and that is what we have been taught since a very young age.

But the law of attraction and the universe can only give us what we focus on. So if we believe and focus on hard work, sacrifice and struggle, then that is exactly what we will get!

So would it make sense that if we let go of the FOCUS on struggle and sacrifice, then we would should attract more abundance and ease in to our life?

So let's take a look at the mindsets of struggle and sacrifice.

The Mindset Of Struggle:

We seem to equate success with sacrifice.

Go have a look on YouTube, and see how many motivational videos there are telling you how virtuous and character building struggle is. Add to that, only when you're prepared to really fight for that which it is you desire, then you may just get it!

But if you believe in the law of attraction, and you believe that you're a powerful creator, and you believe that you're one with the universe .... then creating what you want should be something of joy and ease.

A conscious creator figures out what they want to experience in life, and then aligns with that desire using better feeling thoughts, and better feelings. When the conscious creators vibration is aligned with their desire, then it manifests effortlessly into their reality.

The most successful people in the world often do not struggle to get where they are.

Yes they may take a lot of action, but it is aligned and inspired action. They may be very busy, but they are not resisting the actions they are feeling inspired to take. In fact they are enjoying the journey and the actions they are taking.

Then we hear empowering stories of people who have had success, have fought every step of the way and succeeded. These are great stories, and are fascinating and uplifting to hear.

However these people often still have a lot of struggle and pain in their life, despite having fame or success. In fact they never really ever get the time to enjoy their creation, as the law of attraction keeps bringing them more struggle.

Success is not something that you only deserve if you work and struggle hard enough. Success is aligning with your desires, and your inner being. Success is enjoying the unfolding of your magnificent conscious creation.

That is the true celebration in life ... we see it in every aspect of nature, every day!

Life is expressing itself as the wonderful and powerful creator that it is.

The Mindset Of Sacrifice:

We also have a mindset of sacrifice.

We tend to believe that in order to help someone else, we need to sacrifice something for them.

There is this attitude that if someone is suffering, then we must suffer with them. We must vibrate down at their level if we are capable of helping them.

We think that if everyone isn't experiencing the same suffering, then they are ignorant, and there is absolutely no way of them being able to help.

There is a badge of honor in society for how much people are seen to sacrifice for others. This makes us feel good for a moment.

So let's ask ... why do we do anything in life?

It is always because it makes us feel better! .... that is always our motivation.

SO why do we give to charity, or help out others in need?

Because it helps others who may be struggling or suffering ... Yes that is true.

But ultimately, it makes us feel better within ourselves to help them. That is our motivation. This will annoy a lot of well meaning people, but life is inherently selfish. We will always go with what feels better in that moment.

This is a good thing, as it ensures we all take care of each other ... it is a simple system.

So, if we see someone who is struggling, then why do we need to sacrifice anything to help them?

If we are happy and feeling abundant, and the law of attraction is reflecting this good vibration back to us. Then why do we need to drop down to vibrating to someone else's level in order to help them?

Yes immediate assistance, resources and money can help put a halt to what is going on initially. But it won't serve the long term problem.

Surely the best help would be to uplift those who are suffering around us, and help them up to our vibration?

Surely by doing that, the law of attraction can then respond to their vibration, and then can bring solutions, abundance and resources into their lives!

Of course some people are so identified with their struggle and negativity, they don't want to be uplifted.

This is all something to be contemplated.

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