How To Attract A Man Using The Law Of Attraction
How To Attract A Man Using The Law Of Attraction
January 18, 2018
Don't Panic After A Break Up
Being fresh out of a break up can cause you to do some crazy things. With your emotions incredibly high, the real force and momentum of energy that comes with those negative emotions, can cause you to do crazy things and make the situation with your ex even worse.
You know what I am talking about ... sending your ex long text messages begging for them to take you back. Making stupid comments to them on Facebook ... Swinging between angry emails to drunken phone calls of desperation! All this does is push your ex further away, makes them way less attracted to you, and make you look desperate and needy. There is nothing more suffocating than a desperate and needy person.
I know how you feel though. The force of your pain and emotions just sweeps over you. It is like anxiety kicks in, and you seem to have no control over your actions. You manage to convince yourself that everything that you're saying and doing is going to make the situation better. It is only afterwards when your emotions and adrenaline die down, that you realize how stupid you've been.
If you really need a quick solution to get over the break up pain, and get the universe working in your favor then you need to learn more about manifesting, and specifically manifesting your ex back.
Don't Panic After A Break Up

So the BEST advice for you right now is ... NEVER act on your emotions.

Let your thoughts and feelings come and go, but never let them convince you to do or say anything dramatic. Soon enough, the force and momentum of them will die down, and you will be able to move forward with the situation with wisdom and clarity.

So Why Are You Panicking So Much?

The short answer is .... your mind has experienced a sudden loss of something it is familiar with. Even the most confident minds fear the unknown, it is completely natural and is how the mind is designed to function.
The mind will cling to a negative relationship or situation even if it is completely unhappy. This is because it finds comfort in the familiar, and has a natural fear of the unknown. It will only change its viewpoint when the pain of staying in the situation becomes greater than the feared pain of leaving into the unknown.

So Where Does This Anxiety And Panic Come From?

When you and your ex broke up, your brain naturally felt a sense of loss, and will have also produced thoughts of fear about entering into an unknown future.

Even if you knew deep down that your relationship wasn't working, or that ultimately you both were unhappy, you felt secure in that familiar situation.

You also had the law of attraction reinforcing all the thoughts beliefs and feelings you had about the relationship, like a mirror back to you.

So when you broke up, all these fearful and sad thoughts swung into action and this caused you to focus on them. Now in this vibrational reality we live in which is governed by the law of attraction, ANYTHING that you focus on expands ... this includes the thoughts you think. So if you focus on these negative thoughts, the law of attraction brings you more of them. Then it creates more evidence of these thoughts in your reality, further compounding the problem!

The Power of Your Focus:

The thoughts you're having are not a problem; it is your focus on them. Your mind will have negative thoughts all day every day. It will have an equal number of positive thoughts.
Think about when you're driving and someone cuts you off, it's completely natural to have a few negative thoughts about the situation. If you allow the thoughts to be, they just pass by and you get on with driving. But if you focus on them, the momentum grows and they expand. Your body starts to tense up, and more and more intense negative thoughts come up. This is a great example of the law of attraction at work.

So How Does This Help You In Your Situation?

All you need to do is remove your focus from your negative thoughts. The momentum of the break up will be quite high, but if you EASE yourself into it day by day, you will find that the pain and emotions will die down very quickly after a few days.
When you're in a panic your body is coursing with energy, when you realize where your focus is, just remove it. Allow the thoughts and emotions to continue in the back ground. They will most likely die down in intensity very quickly.
You may find that 5 minutes later that the thoughts and emotions come back again. You will probably get dragged back into them. But at some point you will realize where your focus lies, and you will remove it.
You will get better and better at doing this, and after a few days it will start to become more natural to you. You will also feel much lighter in your body, you will have much clearer and positive thoughts more of the time, and all round you will feel better.
If you keep this up for a month you will be a whole new person, and that is when you can truly start doing the work to get your ex back.

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